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Seahorse Fender and Docking

The Worlds First and Only Smart Fender, the Only Self- Leveling Docking System and the Unique Flex Slide Dock Mounts!

Seahorse Fender and Docking was born out of the unique vision of Michael Moran. An avid boater with decades of experience, Michael had frequently experienced the inadequacies of traditional boat bumper technology. He was tired of scrapes while rafting, damages from rubbing against pilings, and the many bumps and dings that typical boat fenders or bumpers would fail to prevent. Read more…



The Seahorse Fender offers long lasting safety, security and style for docking. You will get superior boat protection with multiple configurations to suit your individual docking situation. The Seahorse Fender is made of super durable construction and stores its own line.

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The Seahorse Tide Right is the only self-leveling docking system. It includes an engineered and patented a self-adjusting fender and cleat. Set the height of the fender for your boat and then let the built in float and the tide to the rest. Your fender will always be right where you need it!

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The Seahorse Flex Slide Dock Mounts patent pending flexible design of a double rubber fender on the I-beam allows your floating dock to twist in any direction putting no stress on your floating dock. You will never hear noise from your floating dock again!

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