Understanding the Boater’s Needs


Michael Moran, Owner

Seahorse Fender and Docking was born out of the unique vision of Michael Moran. An avid boater with decades of experience, Michael had frequently experienced the inadequacies of traditional boat bumper technology. He was tired of scrapes while rafting, damages from rubbing against pilings, and the many bumps and dings that typical boat fenders or bumpers would fail to prevent.

Mike set out to design something special. Through hard work and perseverance, he crafted the Seahorse Boat Bumper. The first prototype was produced and he eagerly put it through the paces on his own boat. He knew boaters needed something more than what was available, and wanted to promote safety as much as possible.

Our products are manufactured right here in the US. Headquarters is located in Fort Myers, FL, and the fenders are manufactured in the US.

At Seahorse Fender and Docking, we are passionate about boating and we care for our boats! Once you’ve tried the Seahorse, you’ll understand exactly why our product is unlike any other. Our team was brought together for that one purpose - protecting your boat.


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